Our Products

We have approximately 13,500 numbers on eight product groups. It is important for us to have a wide range of products – so that you, as a partner, can rely on us as your sole supplier; saving you both time and money. We know that there is a need for the rarer units and therefore take pride in being able to supply a number of special and rare units as well.


With more than 2,200 different starters, BORG Automotive can cover not only passenger cars and vehicles of all brands, but also marine, construction and agricultural applications. Furthermore, we offer a car park coverage of 94%. New applications will continuously be added to the product range and made available online on both TecDoc's and our brand websites. 


The range of remanufactured alternators covers several markets - from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to agricultural, marine, and construction vehicles. With a range of more than 3,300 alternators, and a car park coverage on 93%, BORG Automotive comply with almost any request from Europe's specialist market. Find our different items on our brand websites. 

AC Compressors

BORG Automotive's range of AC compressors is a highly developed program. We offer a range of more than 1,200 compressors, which means that we have one of the widest range of compressors in the European market, covering more than 95% of the cars in Europe. Read more about our AC compressor program at our brand websites, where you can also find the latest item numbers added to the program.

Brake Calipers

Brake calipers are remanufactured by BORG Automotive to the same high standards as all our other products. We have car park coverage of 95%, which means that the most popular passenger cars and small vans are covered in the programme. Furthermore, the programme contains more than 3,800 item numbers. BORG Automotive is expanding the programme and the introduction of new applications to constantly being able to service the European vehicle market. Visit our brand websites to find our different brake calipers.

EGR Valves

At BORG Automotive, we offer more than 300 EGR valves, which cover more than 95% of the vehicles with EGR systems running on the European roads. Our remanufactured EGR valves have proven to be a reliable product with a high quality and long life-span. Find our full product range on our brand websites.

Steering Racks

BORG Automotive holds an extensive steering rack programme for European applications. At our own remanufacturing site in the United Kingdom, we support a wide range of vehicles. With more than 1,300 steering rack part numbers, BORG Automotive is offering an extensive range which covers passenger and light commercial vehicles of all makes. New applications are constantly added to the programme and made accessible online both on TecDoc and the brand websites.

Steering Pumps

With more than 600 items, BORG Automotive's programme of power steering pumps offer a comprehensive coverage in Europe of both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Read more about our steering pump programme at our brand websites.


We offer you a wide range of turbochargers with more than 700 different part numbers, covering 66% of the cars in Europe. We constantly expand our range and add new part numbers to our portfolio. The new part numbers will be made available on our web shops and on TecDoc.