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We supply remanufactured, OE matching automotive parts to customers throughout Europe

Remanufacturing Explained

Remanufacturing, also called ‘reman’, is a branch in the aftermarket industry. A remanufactured product is defined as:

"A remanufactured part fulfils a similar function as the original part. It is restored from an existing part (core), using standardized industrial processes in line with specific technical specifications. A remanufactured part is given the same warranty as a new part and it clearly identifies the part as a remanufactured part and states the remanufacturer."*

In other words, remanufacturing automotive parts means renovating used parts or components in order to make them perform as good or even better than new parts. Remanufacturing is a very comprehensive process, but it also serves a lot of advantages for you, as a partner, and for the environment.  

To remanufacture automotive parts, used products, namely cores, should be retrieved. The collection of cores is a complex activity. At BORG Automotive we sell our remanufactured units with a deposit, which is returned to the customers if they send us the unit, they are replacing.

The core we are getting in exchange for a remanufactured unit is sent to our core warehouse in Poland; the largest core warehouse in Europe with more than 1 million units – ready for remanufacturing. At our production sites the auto parts undergo the remanufacturing process. This process involves complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, extensive inspection of all parts, reconditioning and replacement, reassembly and final testing.  

We never compromise on quality and therefore, all our products are sold with a 2-year warranty with unlimited mileages.  

The remanufacturing industry has existed for approximately 70 years. Prior to the industry, defect units were simply regarded as scrap. Powerful shredders cut vehicles into small pieces and the surplus metal could then be reused and re-melted for the steel industry. All other materials were sorted out as ‘shredder-fluff’ and put into refuse dumps with other household appliances - at the risk of poisoning the ground water and damaging the environment. Fortunately, much has changed, and at BORG Automotive we are proud to be a major driving force within the European remanufacturing industry. The remanufacturing industry has resulted in a gentler process for the benefit of a cleaner environment. Read more about the environmental benefits of remanufacturing here. 

Aside from the considerable economic and environmental benefits of remanufacturing, we are able to detect the most frequent causes for defects affecting the units we receive for remanufacturing. This allows us to take the necessary precautions and reproduce products that perform as good as - and perhaps even better - than OE units. 

*This is the common definition from APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association in USA, Europe and Asia), CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers), FIRM (International Federation of Engine Remanufacturers and Rebuilders, Europe), supported by MERA (Motor and Equipment Remanufacturers Association, USA) and RIC (Remanufacturing Industries Council, USA).

The remanufacturing industry has existed for approximately 70 years. Previously, defect units were regarded as scrap.

The Reman Process

Remanufacturing takes place in a large production site optimised for and adapted to the remanufacturing process. A quality assurance programme ensures that the right quality levels are met as the units pass through the various remanufacturing processes. 

  1. Disassembly: Defective units undergo a complete disassembly process and parts that cannot be reconditioned are disposed of.

  2. Cleaning: Following the disassembly of the units into individual parts, they are given a thorough cleaning with several cleaning treatments, such as hot water and sand blasting, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.

  3. Inspection & sorting: Cleaned components are subject to an intensive inspection to determine if they are in a re-useable condition. This is done both visually and with test equipment measuring if the tolerances are within the acceptable limits.

  4. Reconditioning & replacement: At this stage re-useable parts are reconditioned, e.g. through galvanising and grinding of the parts. Parts that in the previous stages have been disposed are replaced with new parts.

  5. Reassembly: The remanufactured units are reassembled.

  6. Final testing: Each remanufactured unit undergoes a 100% performance test to ensure that the unit match OE standards. 

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AC Compressor

Brake Caliper

EGR Valve

Our Products

We have approximately 12,000 numbers on 8 product groups. It is important for us to have a wide range of products – so that you, as a partner, can rely on us as your sole supplier; saving you both time and money. We know that there is a need for the rarer units and therefore take pride in being able to supply a number of special and rare units as well.


With more than 2,300 different starters, BORG Automotive can cover not only passenger cars and vehicles of all brands, but also marine, construction and agricultural applications. Furthermore, we offer a car park coverage of 98%. New applications will continuously be added to the product range and made available online on both TecDoc's and our brand websites. 


The range of remanufactured alternators covers several markets - from passenger cars and commercial vehicles to agricultural, marine, and construction vehicles. With a range of more than 3,300 alternators, and a car park coverage on 98%, BORG Automotive comply with almost any request from Europe's specialist market. Find our different items on our brand websites. 

A/C Compressor

BORG Automotive's range of A/C compressors is a highly developed program. We offer a range of more than 1,100 compressors, which means that we have one of the widest range of compressors in the European market, covering more than 95% of the cars in Europe. Read more about our A/C compressor program at our brand websites, where you can also find the latest item numbers added to the program.

Brake Caliper

Brake calipers are remanufactured by BORG Automotive to the same high standards as all our other products. We have car park coverage of 97%, which means that the most popular passenger cars and small vans are covered in the programme. Furthermore, the programme contains more than 3,600 item numbers. BORG Automotive is expanding the programme and the introduction of new applications to constantly being able to service the European vehicle market. Visit our brand websites to find our different brake calipers. 

EGR Valve

At BORG Automotive, we offer more than 300 EGR valves, which cover more than 93% of the vehicles with EGR systems running on the European roads. Our remanufactured EGR valves have proven to be a reliable product with a high quality and long life-span. Find our full product range on our brand websites.

Steering Column

Electric steering columns are one of the latest form of electric assisted steering. BORG Automotive offers more than 70 items that are all thoroughly checked and tested to ensure a high quality. Our brand websites and TecDoc are continuously updated to reflect the development of the programme. 

Steering Pump

With more than 700 items, BORG Automotive's programme of power steering pumps offer a comprehensive coverage in Europe of both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The programme includes more than 40 EHPSP items covering almost 100 applications. Three primary types are offered: 

  1. Electro-hydraulic pump - driven by electric motor.
  2. Electronic I - hydraulic pump driven by electric motor with one-way communication to ECU.
  3. Electronic II - hydraulic pump driven by electric motor with two-way communication to ECU.

Read more about our steering pump programme at our brand websites.

Steering Rack

BORG Automotive holds an extensive steering rack programme for European applications. At our own remanufacturing site in the United Kingdom, we support a wide range of vehicles. With more than 1,300 steering rack part numbers, BORG Automotive is offering an extensive range which covers passenger and light commercial vehicles of all makes. New applications are constantly added to the programme and made accessible online both on TecDoc and the brand websites. 

Our Quality

We never Compromise on Quality

At BORG Automotive, we annually remanufacture more than 2 million units across all our product lines. Our employees undergo continual training and we consistently work with supplier quality management; each of which form the basis of our self-awareness. In practice, this means that we always aim for the highest quality in the aftermarket. Our production sites in Poland and UK are certified after the newest certification; ISO 9001:2015. The production sites in Poland are ISO 14001:2015 certified as well. To ensure that our products work optimally in their usual environment we carry out durability tests and conduct regular road tests on them. Furthermore, our products meet the same OE standards as a new product, and we offer a two-year warranty period with unlimited mileage for all our products.


Working with the latest technologies

In an industry that is constantly evolving, and where engineering, electronics and software are moving to a whole new level in the field of mechatronics, we need to be prepared for new technologies to expand our product portfolio. That is also why, our competent R&D team is developing our reman processes and adding product numbers to our existing ranges. We explore new car models in the market to find automotive parts within our eight product groups, which are not part of our product portfolio yet. Afterwards, we research in how to remanufacture these parts. Furthermore, we research in future tendencies in the automotive industry, so that we can optimise our workflow and add new, attractive product groups to our portfolio. This will ensure that we continue to lead the way in the future, by keeping up with industry developments.

We always strive for more knowledge and a better expertise. Therefore, we opened our own Academy in 2018, where our employees are educated in the latest trends and technologies, such as Mechatronics.

In 2018, we also launched our Mechatronics Forum, which is a web platform with the purpose of creating a network for entities interested in Mechatronics. Find our Mechatronics Forum here.

We have also introduced our very first Reman Challenge, which is an academic competition, where engineering students across Europe gets to research in the upcoming challenges for the automotive remanufacturing industry.


Quality and Customer Service go Hand in Hand

Our vision is simple: We want to provide the best customer experience in remanufactured automotive solutions. To do this, we aim for a high quality and the best customer service. We know how much it means to you as a partner that our products can be installed quickly and easily. Therefore, many of our products are delivered as a plug & play system, which ensures that our products are equipped with the necessary components for an easy installation.



At BORG Automotive, we want to be available for you; we are available through our website, are a registered TecDoc supplier, and we work together with TecCom to make your experience as good as possible. We always place the highest priority on personal relationships, ongoing support and fast response. During our opening hours, you can always get in touch with an employee who can help you with your questions. Find contact information here.