What We Do

We supply remanufactured, OE matching automotive parts to customers throughout Europe

What we do

At BORG Automotive, we are one of Europe's largest, most skilled and most experienced companies in the automotive parts remanufacturing industry.

We are the only one in the industry that can supply eight different product groups. To obtain the best results, we have chosen to test all products at our own specialised production sites in Poland, the UK and Spain. This ensures both optimum quality and flexibility.

We have dedicated colleagues at our production sites; working with Research & Development. We strive to develop our reman processes and number of products in our existing product ranges. To do so, we explore new car models in the market to find automotive parts within our eight product groups which are not part of our product portfolio yet. Afterwards, we research in how to remanufacture these parts. Furthermore, we research in future tendencies in the automotive industry, so that we can add new, attractive product groups to our portfolio. This will ensure that we continue to lead the way in the future, and that we remain well-equipped to keep up with industry developments.

In 2014, we opened Northern Europe's largest core warehouse with space for more than 1 million cores. This makes our production highly adaptable and allows us to react to demand at very short notice.

Today, we remanufacture more than 2 million units across all brands. All units comply with the relevant OE standards for brand new products. We are proud to have grown on a business model that significantly reduces CO2 emissions.