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27 July 2022

BORG Automotive strengthens position as leading supplier with twelve electric brake calipers

As of August, BORG Automotive is adding twelve part numbers to its range of electric brake calipers. The Danish remanufacturer is one of the first aftermarket supplier...

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21 June 2022

Earth Overshoot Day: BORG Automotive and remanufacturing make an important contribution to conserving natural resources

Every year, the non-profit organisation Global Footprint Network announces the Earth Overshoot Day. It marks the day when humanity has used up the resources that plane...

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29 April 2022

Remanufactured A/C compressors for electric cars: BORG Automotive is sole supplier for many vehicle applications

The A/C compressor range of the Danish remanufacturer BORG Automotive offers distributors almost complete market coverage. An ideal spare part can be found for 97 perc...

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11 March 2022

BORG Automotive increases capacities for year three of the pandemic

In 2021 BORG Automotive remained the highly dependable partner, to whom aftermarket distributors and workshops have become accustomed. This is due, not least, to the f...

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09 December 2021

Digitization is the challenge of the future

Remanufacturers make an important contribution to achieving the CO2 reduction targets that the European Commission is striving for with the “Green Deal”. This is borne...

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05 May 2021

Borg Automotive acquires SBS Automotive

Borg Automotive acquires SBS Automotive. The acquisition marks the addition of a new business component to Borg Automotive, opening the door to a new market in which t...

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15 April 2021

BORG Automotive is ready for a flying start with remanufactured turbochargers

BORG Automotive is now providing the aftermarket with a new range of turbochargers. Under the brands Elstock, DRI, TMI and Lucas, BORG offers distributors and thereby...

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03 March 2021

BORG Automotive benefits from European production

Many sectors in Europe are currently being influenced by an explosive growth in freight prices and substantial delays when it comes to the delivery of goods from the F...

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16 September 2020

Europe’s Biggest Independent Automotive Remanufacturer Buys Spanish Turbocharger Specialist

The Danish remanufacturing company BORG Automotive has acquired the Spanish turbocharger company Turbo Motor Inyeccion S.L., adding remanufacturing of turbochargers to...

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21 August 2020

Winner of Reman Challenge 2020

We recently found the winner of this year's Reman Challenge

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01 April 2019

BORG Automotive celebrates 40 years anniversary

1st of April 2019 we celebrated our 40th anniversary, while looking back at what we have achieved during our first 40 years in business.

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04 February 2019

The first brake caliper has been remanufactured at the production site in Lublin

February 4 2019 we opened our new production site in Lublin, Poland, where we have started remanufacturing brake calipers.

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