EGR valves

EGR valves efficiently reduce spillage of Nitrogen oxide. The system reuses up one percentage - between 5-35 percent depending on engine model - of the exhaust emission gasses.

EGR valves were added to BORG Automotive's product range in 2013. We already cover more than 60 percent of the vehicles running on the European roads. We expect full coverage of the EGR area in the following years. The remanufactured EGR valves are manufactured by our production company in Belgium, where they have several years of experience with the product range. They are supplied complete with all gaskets and seals.

Remanufactured EGR Valves Last Longer

EGR valves remanufactured by BORG Automotive has proven to be a highly reliable product, which has started to catch up with OE products. Thus, now BORG Automotive are able to deliver a wide range of EGR valves of a higher quality and longer life span, but still to competitive prices. 

Why Chose Remanufactured EGR Valves?

The remanufacturing process gives a unique opportunity to inspect and map common and often-experienced faults and imperfections in the OE-designs and constructions. Hence, BORG Automotive can provide a more permanent and long term solution to issues. Thus, by solving and investigating issues experienced in OE products, BORG Automotive can provide a longer life span of remanufactured EGR valves, compared to OE counterparts. 

“Based upon our thoroughly inspection of defect EGR valves, we have seen a tendency that the teeth on OE EGR valves are worn out too soon and is often the reason for EGR-valve breakdown. Due to the inspection, our engineers were quickly able to conclude the teeth were made of a too weak material, which meant the teeth were not strong enough to tolerate the constant abrasion. In order to solve this problem BORG Automotive has developed and implemented our own teethes, which can stand the abrasion much longer. Thereby, BORG Automotive has managed to develop a better and stronger product compared to OE” says Erik S. Jakobsen, product manager and EGR expert.  

Remanufacturing and new standards

The remanufacturing process of EGR valves are carefully executed, and thus needs special attention throughout the entire process. This is due to the advanced and challenging cleaning process which each EGR valve unite demands.

First, the EGR valves are disassembled and each individual unit is evaluated in order to see if the units are strong enough to be recycled and meet the OE standards and specifications. Second, all parts and different units are gently cleaned to remove all dirt and old remains. This, among many other processes, is a vital process in order to ensure each EGR valve a new and long life span on the European roads.

A common misperception among many mechanics is that when remanufacture EGR valves, electronic units are almost always replaced, however, this is not the case. This is due to the fact, that electronic units that have been driven on real roads, by real people in real life often is much more reliable and can last for years and years. New electronic parts often show weakness in the first hours or day of operation and can more often fail. This again, is tested and experienced through thoroughly inspection and testing by BORG Automotive’s engineers.