About us

BORG Automotive is one of Europe's largest independent remanufacturing companies. With 40 years of experience in remanufacturing automotive parts, BORG Automotive are specialists in sales, production and distribution in the auto aftermarket.

The remanufacturing process returns the defective product to the same standard, as it was when it was first manufactured and with a consequent minimal impact on the environment. The process is also an effective extension of the product's life span.

The famous Fraunhofer Insititut┬╣ has calculated that  remanufacturing saves not less than 85% of the energy used in manufacturing the original product. Read more about the advantages of remanufacturing here. Through a comprehensive distribution network of wholesalers, BORG Automotive is represented in the whole of Europe with a strong foundation in Central and Western Europe. Read more here. ┬╣Steinhilper, 2006, Remanufacturing: The Ultimate Form of Recycling