Group Management

Our ambition of continuous improvement can only be realised by highly skilled employees. Read more about our group management here.

Kim Kruse Andersen, CEO

Employed in BORG Automotive: 2009-2014: MD of Elstock, CEO since 2014

Professional Background: Since 1984 various positions in Maersk Data and Maersk transportation in Denmark and USA 

Educational Background: Cand. Polit. and HD (foreign trade) 

Ivan Roberti Mikkelsen, CCO

Employed in BORG Automotive: 1999 -2003: Sales Director, 2003 - 2009: MD in Elstock and Group Sales Director, CCO since 2012

Professional Background: 1992-1999: Sales Manager JP Group, 2009-2012: MD JP Group

Educational Background: The hard school of life

Marcin Zięba, Production Director

Employed in BORG Automotive: 2005-2008: Plant Manager of BORG PL, Production Director since 2008

Professional Background: Since 1989 various positions in OE automotive industry (Volvo, Autolive, Faurecia, Valeo)

Educational Background: Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering (specialising in water and wastewater treatment)

Ernst Kildegaard, CSCO

Employed in BORG Automotive: CSCO since 2019 

Professional Background: Various positions as Line Responsible within Supply Chain and operation; Grundfos, R82 A/S and 2 years as Management Consultant (PwC)

Educational Background: M.Sc. Eng in Industrial Management

Carsten Kristoffersen, CFO

Employed in BORG Automotive: CFO since 2015

Professional Background: 1985-1997: Auditor Langkilde Larsen/Ernst & Young, 1997- 2015: Finance Manager/Finance Director and CFO in various Danish and international production companies

Educational Background: HD (Accounting) and HD (Organisation)

Jesper Møberg, Development Director

Employed in BORG Automotive: Business Development Director since 2019

Professional Background: 1995-2000: Accountant at H. Martinsen, 2000-2019: Various positions in investment-, automotive-, and shipping companies as CFO, CHoF, CEO and CHoL

Educational Background: Accountant, Cand. Merc. Aud. (MSc. in Business Administration and Auditing)


BORG Automotive has since April 2017 been owned by the industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co.

Schouw & Co. is a listed industrial conglomerate that makes long-term investments in leading Danish businesses in which active and developing ownership is performed. Schouw & Co. was founded in 1878 and has since 1954 been listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Currently, six large enterprises are fully owned by Schouw & Co, whereas BORG Automotive is the latest  added to the business portfolio. 

Besides BORG Automotive, Schouw & Co. owns:

[1] Biomar – producer of quality feed for industrialised fish farming

[2] Fibertex Personal Care – manufacturer of spun bound for the hygiene industry

[3] Fibertex Nonwovens – producer of nonwovens for industrial applications

[4] Hydra/Specma – specialised in hydraulic components and solutions

[6] GPV – manufacturer of electronics and advanced mechanics