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At BORG Automotive, we are one of Europe's largest, most skilled and most experienced companies in the automotive parts remanufacturing industry.

For more than 40 years, we have worked to deliver the best remanufactured OE matching automotive parts for the European aftermarket. This has been made possible through our strong foundation of core values:  responsibility - competence - interdependency - transparency and continuous improvement. Today, we have grown into a family of attractive brands such as Re-Ex, DRI and Elstock. BORG Automotive is a workplace for more than 1700 ambitious colleagues in Denmark, England, Poland and Belgium; all working together to make us a reputable and reliable supplier – now, and into the future.

Our goal is to be number one in customer service, and the preferred business partner in the industry. In order to achieve that goal, we continuously optimise our flexibility and improve processes throughout our supply chain to suit customer needs:

- We are the only one in the industry that can supply eight different product groups. To obtain the best results, we have chosen to test all products at our own specialised production sites in Poland and the UK. This ensures both optimum quality and flexibility.

- We have dedicated colleagues at our production sites; working with Research & Development. We strive to develop our reman processes and number of products in our existing product ranges. To do so, we explore new car models in the market to find automotive parts within our eight product groups which are not part of our product portfolio yet. Afterwards, we research in how to remanufacture these parts. Furthermore, we research in future tendencies in the automotive industry, so that we can add new, attractive product groups to our portfolio. This will ensure that we continue to lead the way in the future, and that we remain well-equipped to keep up with industry developments.

- In 2014, we opened Northern Europe's largest core warehouse with space for more than 1 million cores. This makes our production highly adaptable and allows us to react to demand at very short notice.

- We prioritise personal relationships, support and fast response times. This means you can always get hold of us here.

Today, we remanufacture more than 2 million units across all brands. All units comply with the relevant OE standards for brand new products. We are proud to have grown on a business model that significantly reduces CO2 emissions. This means that BORG Automotive protects the environment by saving up to 79% of the energy used to make a new product. Read more about how reman benefits the environment here.

BORG Automotive was originally founded in 1975 under the name of Toft-Jensen Elektro ApS by Søren Toft-Jensen. Today, we are owned by Schouw & Co, which provides a solid foundation for our growth ambitions. Søren Toft-Jensen is still in the company's board of directors.

We are aware that our ambition of continuous improvement can only be realised by highly skilled employees. Therefore, we are always looking out for ambitious talents that can develop into the industry's best colleagues. Read more about what it means to be a part of the BORG team, and how you can join us here.

Our Vision

We want to provide the best customer experience in remanufactured automotive solutions

Our Mission

We bring new life to car parts

Our Values

At BORG Automotive we believe in value driven leadership. We operate in a flat organisation, where our values empower all of us to act and make independent decisions proactively rather than reactively. Our values define the way we do business and all our actions to reach the strategic goals are based on these values.

We are building the company on a foundation consisting of 5 values, and we strongly believe that building the success in the future depends on competent and responsible people, interdependent and transparent in relations, striving for continuous improvement.
- Kim Kruse, CEO


Competence is a requirement to recognise business goals and to achieve team success. Profound knowledge, innovation, imagination, personal development and understanding of “the human factor” are tools to realise business goals and team success.


We employ passionate people with personal and professional integrity, reliable and trustworthy, proud of and always ready to account for and explain own actions. We strive to meet customer expectations, using resources wisely.


Understanding interdependency creates unlimited organisational power. Teamwork is the dynamic and agile organisational frame, which allows for a self-managed effort, where diverse skills and abilities are used for common success.


Access to relevant information is vital for common success. Information should be easily accessible, simple and easy to understand. Unclear or ambiguous information leads to wrong decisions, waste and confusion.

Continuous Improvement

The idea of improving the organisation’s capabilities by way of systematic continuous improvements is our foundation for victory. This process and approach involve everybody, regardless of status and function.

Our Brands

Our products are sold under our attractive brands, which all serve the same purpose; to make us a reputable and reliable supplier.

At DRI, you can accelerate from 0-100 km/h with us by your side. We always have the best team of the most ambitious and passionate industry specialists on hand; we combine today's technology and trends with yesterday’s know-how; and we always aim to deliver the best solution whenever you need it. We succeed when you succeed - which means we cannot be satisfied until words become actions, and orders are delivered. 

Our product range of 8 different product groups gives us a unique market position. The combination of our own production, quality assurance, and Europe's largest core warehouse means we can concentrate on delivering the best service in the market.

DRI was founded in 1998 under the name of Dansk Renoverings-Industri. The company became part of BORG Automotive in 2007.

Visit the DRI website here.

Since 1975, Elstock has been one of Europe's leaders in remanufactured OE-quality automotive parts. With more than 40 years of experience, we can proudly say that we create results based on industry knowledge, a thorough approach, and a desire to grow. 

Based on classic virtues such as attention to detail, awareness and precision; we develop our product range, optimise our processes, and streamline our delivery - to the benefit of you and your business. 

Our workplace and customer base cover the whole of Europe. Every day, we deliver top quality products in all eight product groups to new and old business partners in a great number of countries.

For us, the Elstock brand means quality and customer service. But Elstock is also a growing brand. This growth goes hand in hand with our focus on your needs and the ambition to deliver. 

Visit the Elstock website here.

Lucas is the oldest continually trading automotive brand in the world. Since it began over 140 years ago, it has been a leading O.E. global supplier and today stands at the forefront of the provision of aftermarket vehicle parts. How has Lucas achieved that? By never standing still.

Today, Lucas offers a global portfolio of quality parts for most modern cars and light commercial vehicles, available through distribution partners that stretch around the globe. Lucas is recognised as both a pioneer and leader in high quality remanufacturing, helping to keep the planet cleaner and less polluted.

Today, in partnership with BORG Automotive, Lucas offers A/C compressors, EGR valves, starters and alternators, with the same quality, dedication and eye for detail which has expressed the Lucas brand for more than 140 years.

That is why Lucas stands out. And stands tall.

Visit the Lucas website here.

Re-Ex is a new player at the European aftermarket for remanufactured automotive parts. Despite our young age we are far from unexperienced since we are a part of BORG Automotive, that has more than 40 years of experience in the field.

Re-Ex is established in 2018 and we have a product range of 8 different product groups, that are remanufactured, and quality tested at our own production sites. We focus upon how to create a better future for our partners as well as the environment. Our business is based on a greener perspective and a circular economy, which make us a responsible partner.

We put an effort into giving our customers the best customer experience in remanufactured automotive solutions. Our focus is on the partnership and how we create success together. We always strive to be future-proof because we believe that being future-proof is equal to making progress – and making progress is equal to success for you, us, and the environment.     

Group Management

Kim Kruse Andersen, CEO

Employed in BORG Automotive: 2009-2014: MD of Elstock, CEO since 2014

Professional Background: Since 1984 various positions in Maersk Data and Maersk transportation in Denmark and USA 

Educational Background: Cand. Polit. and HD (foreign trade) 

Ivan Roberti Mikkelsen, CCO

Employed in BORG Automotive: 1999 -2003: Sales Director, 2003 - 2009: MD in Elstock and Group Sales Director, CCO since 2012

Professional Background: 1992-1999: Sales Manager JP Group, 2009-2012: MD JP Group

Educational Background: The hard school of life

Marcin Zięba, Production Director

Employed in BORG Automotive: 2005-2008: Plant Manager of BORG PL, Production Director since 2008

Professional Background: Since 1989 various positions in OE automotive industry (Volvo, Autolive, Faurecia, Valeo)

Educational Background: Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering (specialising in water and wastewater treatment)

Ernst Kildegaard, CSCO

Employed in BORG Automotive: CSCO since 2019 

Professional Background: Various positions as Line Responsible within Supply Chain and operation; Grundfos, R82 A/S and 2 years as Management Consultant (PwC)

Educational Background: M.Sc. Eng in Industrial Management

Carsten Kristoffersen, CFO

Employed in BORG Automotive: CFO since 2015

Professional Background: 1985-1997: Auditor Langkilde Larsen/Ernst & Young, 1997- 2015: Finance Manager/Finance Director and CFO in various Danish and international production companies

Educational Background: HD (Accounting) and HD (Organisation)

Jan Stokholm Nielsen, CTO

Employed in BORG Automotive: CTO since 2018

Professional Background: Production Technician, Production Manager, Factory Manager, Operation Development Manager, Operation Manager.

Educational Background: Fitter, Toolmaker, CNC Operator, Mechanical Engineering
(Technician), Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Mini MBA

Jesper Møberg, Business Development Director

Employed in BORG Automotive: Business Development Director since 2019

Professional Background: 1995-2000: Accountant at H. Martinsen, 2000-2019: Various positions in investment-, automotive-, and shipping companies as CFO, CHoF, CEO and CHoL

Educational Background: Accountant, Cand. Merc. Aud. (MSc. in Business Administration and Auditing)


BORG Automotive has since April 2017 been owned by the industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co.

Schouw & Co. is a listed industrial conglomerate that makes long-term investments in leading Danish businesses in which active and developing ownership is performed. Schouw & Co. was founded in 1878 and has since 1954 been listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Currently, six large enterprises are fully owned by Schouw & Co, whereas BORG Automotive is the latest  added to the business portfolio. 

Besides BORG Automotive, Schouw & Co. owns:

  • Biomar – producer of quality feed for industrialised fish farming
  • Fibertex Personal Care – manufacturer of spun bound for the hygiene industry
  • Fibertex Nonwovens – producer of nonwovens for industrial applications
  • Hydra/Specma – specialised in hydraulic components and solutions
  • GPV – manufacturer of electronics and advanced mechanics

Visit Schouw & Co. here


For more than 40 years, we have worked to deliver the best remanufactured OE-certified automotive parts for the European aftermarket. Today we are one of Europe's largest, most skilled and most experienced companies in the automotive parts remanufacturing industry.

BORG Automotive was originally founded in 1975 under the name of Toft-Jensen Elektro ApS by Søren Toft-Jensen. At the age of only 25 years, Søren Toft-Jensen started his own electrical workshop in Rudkøbing, Denmark. In the beginning, the workshop did general auto electrical repairs, but it soon became clear that there was a growing market for remanufacturing starters and alternators, and this could create new opportunities for the company. Therefore, Søren Toft Jensen in 1979 founded the company Elstock, which is one of BORG Automotive’s attractive brands today. BORG Automotive has experienced a rapid growth since 1975, and today the company is a workplace for more than 1700 ambitious colleagues in Denmark, England, Poland and Belgium; all working together to provide the best customer experience in remanufactured automotive solutions.

2019: BORG Automotive establishes a second production site in Poland

2018: We open our Mechatronics Forum

2017: BORG Automotive is acquired by Schouw & Co.

Due to the growing demand of remanufactured automotive units, we establish another production site in Poland. This time placed in Lublin.

Our second production site in Poland; This time located in Lublin

Our second production site in Poland; This time located in Lublin

We introduce our Mechatronics Forum - an electronic platform with the purpose of creating a network of entities interested in Mechatronics.

The industrial conglomerate, Schouw & Co. acquires BORG Automotive in 2017. Besides BORG Automotive, Schouw & Co. owns five other large Danish industrial enterprises, and provides a solid foundation for BORG Automotive’s growth ambitions.

2016: We open BORG Academy in Belgium

2015: BORG Automotive wins the title as Remanufacturer of the Year

2014: BORG Automotive opens the largest Core warehouse in Northern Europe

We open our very own academy in Belgium. The purpose of the academy is to educate our employees in Mechatronics.

In 2015, we are awarded the prize of Remanufacturer of the Year, which is one of the most sought-after awards in the European Automotive Aftermarket.

The new core warehouse in Poland

The new core warehouse in Poland

In 2014, we open Northern Europe's largest core warehouse in Zdunska Wola, Poland. The new core warehouse has space for more than 1 million units.

2013: BORG Automotive starts remanufacturing EGR Valves

2012: Cardone is acquired

2007: DRI is acquired

Once again, we expand our product range and start remanufacturing EGR valves at our production site in Belgium. Later, when the production increased, we moved the production to our production site in Zdunska Wola, Poland.

Car Parts Industries' office in Belgium

Car Parts Industries' office in Belgium

BORG Automotive acquires the European part of the American company Cardone, which is placed in The United Kingdom and Belgium, and renames it Car Parts Industries (CPI). With this acquisition, remanufacturing of steering products begin and two new production sites are added; Steering products are remanufactured in UK and Brake Calipers in Belgium.

In 2007, we acquire the well-established starter and alternator remanufacturing company, Danish Remanufacturing Industry (DRI), which is one of our recognized brands today.  

2006: Remanufacturing of brake calipers begin

2004: BORG Automotive is founded

2000: A new production site is opened in Poland

Continuous expansion of the product range means, that we in 2006 acquire the remanufacturing of brake calipers from the Danish company, Carl Christensen, and transfer it to Zdunska Wola in Poland.

A lot of interesting things happened for us in 2004; BORG Automotive A/S is created as a group identity, and TRW Inc. assigns the main license for Lucas products in Europe to us. Furthermore, we extend our product range as the remanufacturing of A/C Compressors begins. In this connection, we acquire the remanufacturing of A/C compressors from the French company, Faurecia, and transfer it to Zdunska Wola in Poland. 

Increasing growth means that we move our production in Poland to a larger industrial area in Zdunska Wola.

The new production site in Zdunska Wola, Poland

The new production site in Zdunska Wola, Poland

1996: All production is transferred to Poland

1991: The first production site in Poland is opened

1987: Elstock A/S moves to Silkeborg

Having expanded the capacity in Poland, all production from Elstock in Denmark is transferred to Poland in 1996.  

Elstock A/S is one of the first in the industry to see the possibilities for production in Poland. The company establishes its first factory in Łask in the heart of Poland.

Elstock's new office in Silkeborg, Denmark

Elstock's new office in Silkeborg, Denmark

In 1987, Elstock moves from Rudkøbing to Silkeborg, which is a more central location in Denmark. The move was a great success, and most of the company's employees chose to follow the company.

1984: The first production site is established

1979: The company Elstock A/S is founded

1975: The first electro mechanic workshop was established

The increased demand for repairs of starters and alternators means that Søren Toft-Jensen in 1984 starts a dedicated remanufacturing production of starters and alternators. This production site is established in Rudkøbing, Denmark.

Elstock's office in Rudkøbing, Denmark

Elstock's office in Rudkøbing, Denmark

Elstock A/S was founded. The company was located in Rudkøbing, Denmark.  

Søren Toft Jensen established the electro mechanic workshop; Toft-Jensen Elektro ApS. In the beginning, the workshop did all types of repairs but an increase in repairs of starters and alternators shed light on the possibilities for these two product groups.