Quality is our guarantee

BORG Automotive aims at becoming a world class OES company by remanufacturing alternators, starters, A/C compressors, brake calipers and other products from the automotive industry.

We aim at being a reliable company for our employees, customers suppliers and local community. To achieve this we will do the following:

  • We will ensure that our workplaces are clean, safe and secure as regards health for our employees and neighbours
  • We will fulfill the requirements from our customers as regards quality, costs and delivery
  • We will work closely with selected suppliers to involve them as active partners in the supply chain

We will work hard to make our customers satisfied and therefore continue to improve all of our processes and the development of a Quality Management System - in conformity with the ISO PN-EN 9001:2015 standard. 

We implement quality policies through:

  • Measurement and surveillance of all processes
  • Establishment  of targets - both individually and for the entire organization
  • Investments in continuous optimization of our employees' skills
  • Introduction of labour standards with a wish to prevent errors - and not eliminating errors - in all areas of the company's activities
  • Attention to the ongoing technical development of our products
  • Continuous cooperation with our suppliers as well as support of their development
  • Provision of safe working conditions by removing all risks

BORG Automotive's administration is fully responsible for the implementation of quality policies and ensures that they are understandable, well executed and maintained in all levels of the company, as well as monitored in order to ensure their continued use.